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E. Casale Company has over 50-years of being in business with most of them being spent install asphalt shingles. In the beginning all shingles were installed by mechanics who fastened each one by hand, but today asphalt roofing shingles are installed with air-powered nailguns, making the process much quicker and easier on the professionals.

We use only the best materials from the most trusted manufacturers in the world, including GAF and Owen's Corning.

While installing shingles over top of your existing roof can save you time and money, we suggest taking the existing roof off and exposing the sheathing below in order to examine the quality of the wood for water damage and dry rotting, replacing damaged sheets as necessary. Most contractors will take the easy way out and install over existing shingles, E. Casale believes in doing our work correctly and properly educating our clients on the benefits of replacing the entire roof system.

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Vinyl siding is an integral part of your homes' waterproofing system. In order for your house to properly shed water, the roof, gutters and siding must work in coordination with each other, allowing water to run off and away from the foundation of your property. While the journey of most rain water begins on the roof, there is a constant barage of rain on the siding during a storm. The job of the vinyl siding is to shed water from the top down and to insure that any water does find its way behind it can easily escape through the weep holes at the bottom of every course of vinyl, protected the sheathing and the waterproofing underlayment behind it.

Certainteed has a long history in the vinyl siding industry and has established themselves as the leader amongst the manufacturers, and for this reason, E. Casale chooses to sell and install their product. Along side of their storied history, Certainteed produces the best quality material and has with it an industry-leading warranty. Check out some houses that we have installed vinyl siding on!

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Building with a flat roof systems have been a problem for decades. While easier to install, they often times leak and need to be replaced more often than tradition pitched asphalt roofing systems. E. Casale however specializes in flat roofing, whether it be a torch down residential roofing or an EPDM commercial roofing system, we take pride in the fact that we are specialy trained and recognized by the manufacturers as professional installers of their products. We use GAF Ruberoid for our residential torch down projects and Versico VersiGard as our system of choice for EPDM applications.

VersiGard reinforced membranes are manufactured with a polyester reinforcement completely encapsulated between two plies of EPDM. Specially developed for Versico’s mechanically attached, purlin attached and fully adhered systems, the membrane offers superior fatigue and puncture resistance. Versico EPDM membranes have been fi eld tested for decades with long-term exposure to UV and ozone resulting in little property change. EPDM Systems are economical to install, offer easy maintenance for owners and achieve Factory Mutual approvals and Underwriter’s Laboratories fire ratings.

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